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Remembering Bill Poe
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James (Bones) Becker
2018-11-02 22:48:35
I was so saddened when I heard the news of Bill’s passing last Wednesday. I’ve been knowing Bill since the mid-1960s. We played music in Miami way “back in the day.”

I remember working with him here in Nashville at a big truck stop on Sunday mornings… bringing the “Word” to the drivers and travelers.

I was a member of the “Apple Creek” band for a short time and did some work at his “Apple Creek Studio,” good times I shall remember.

I lift his family up in prayer and ask the Lord to hold them in His arms and give them comfort and strength in this difficult time. RIP Bill.
Paul D. Watts
2018-11-02 23:23:59
Billy was such a gentleman and even being that ,,he was a great picker. I wish I had got to spend more time with him when I was in Nashville ,,but it seems like we all say that ,,doesn't it ? He was well respected as a musician but more than that,,as a person ,,,
Thank you for remembering Bill.
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